A FinTech’s Guide to Highly Secure, Scalable and Reliable Cloud Solutions

QWICS  is a new IBM business partner cooperating in LinuxONE environment with IBM. In this session, you will get insights and learn about advantages in the FinTech environment.

When talking about Cloud, everyone typically thinks of large scale-out data centers and distributed applications, clustering a vast number of containers to achieve the necessary scalability and availability. In addition, preserving security and privacy are common challenges to achieve the necessary GDPR and regulatory compliance in such infrastructures.

This not only might result in sleepless nights and a lot of effort spent learning to manage complex infrastructures, but also keeps you from working on your actual products and services. So is there an alternative? As always in IT, the answer is: it depends! But luckily, at least for many use cases there could be one, which we would like to present and discuss with you in this event:

Two years ago, we (QWICS or now SQ Solutions from TechQuartier) started to evaluate porting and running our QWCSchain platform (now the basis for our asset management solution SQustody), to the LinuxONE servers by IBM, also available as cloud solutions labeled as „Hyper Protect Services“. 

This platform helps to avoid many of the typical challenges of scale-out cloud infrastructures for FinTechs. However, being not widely known in the startup world so far, in this workshop we would like to share our results and lessons learned with you, and show a hands-on demonstration from the developer’s perspective.

In addition, the event will feature a technical deep dive to the underlying hardware platform by Tobias Leicher from IBM, which will provide additional insights.


Philipp Brune is Professor for Business Information Systems Engineering at Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences (HNU) in Germany since 2008. Before joining HNU, he has worked for many years as application developer, team and project lead as well as senior consultant for enterprise applications in the finance and automotive industries. He is working with Linux, mainframes, and open source software since the beginning of his studies of Physics and Computer Science at the University of Karlsruhe (now Karlsruhe Institute of Technology – KIT). Holding a PhD in physics, his research interests today cover a wide range of topics, ranging from information security and business information systems engineering to mainframe computing, web and mobile development and software engineering education. He is also a lecturer for mainframe computing at Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt/Main and a board member of the non-profit Academic Mainframe Consortium. By co-authoring two Mainframe MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses) on openHPI, he helped to bring enterprise computing knowledge to a wider audience. Since 2018, he co-founded the fintech startups QWICS and SQ Solutions in Frankfurt/Main.

Tobias Leicher started as a student in IBM and quickly became interested in Mainframe Computing, where he has spent most of his career so far. He started as a specialist for CICS and Java on the platform and helped many customers across Europe on their journey to modernize their Systems. These days he focuses a lot on modern application architectures (Microservices and Cloud Native) and deployment models in times of the cloud computing. He is part of the worldwide zChampion Team, where he has special interest in the topic of modernization and Hybrid Cloud and works as Architect for German Customers in the area of banking and insurance.

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