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In a nutshell

We are your experts for modernizing your application software and IT infrastructure.


  • Analysis of the IT architecture and the mainframe infrastructure
  • Identification of renewal opportunities, especially with regard to Java applications
  • Customized use of open source components to achieve a balance between costs and reliability
  • Recording and analysis of requirements for the implementation of IT projects
  • Analysis and modeling of existing processes and system landscapes as well as elaboration of optimization and standardization potential
  • Implementation of standard software and control of IT projects



Time savings and process reliability in coordination processes between depositaries and capital management companies through the use of new technologies 

  • Automatic updates of transactions and stocks 
  • Disclosure of calculation logic through the use of smart contracts
  • Trading, processing and custody of tokenized assets
  • Easy connection of other market participants and coordination partners
  • Compatibility with existing (standard) software solutions
  • Use of open source components enables vendor independence


Get to know our new, smart platform for processing and trading in digital assets. With blockchain technology and smart contracts, we significantly improve your settlement processes and make communication and coordination processes with internal and external partners easier for you.

Our solution uses established enterprise technologies and is designed to be seamlessly integrated into your existing system landscapes.